Current wait times to receive a mockup to apply for brand approval and the GTIN exemption are 48-72 hours.

For basic troubleshooting, first reference the instructions included with your images to make sure you've followed the application process correctly.

1) Ensure you've applied to Amazon with the exact same case and special characters in your brand name. The application is extremely specific and needs to match your branded images, so applying for an exemption for "Coffee Cup & Co" will automatically fail if you apply with "Coffee cup and co".

2) If you only receive brand approval OR a GTIN exemption, apply again using the same method to get the one you didn't the first time.

3) If you have both the GTIN exemption and Brand approval for the category assigned in the email you receive, but it's asking you to apply again with the actual category you want to create the dummy listing in, it means you only received a limited GTIN exemption and it didn't apply to all categories. Apply again for the specific category you want using the same images and it should approve it almost immediately.

4) If you received an initial refusal on one or both applications, try applying again by submitting the images in a different order. Like anything Amazon, some things take a couple of tries.

After getting approved for both it can take up to an hour for Amazon to finalize the approvals and to be able to create a Branded and Exempt dummy listing.

I've you've received repeated refused applications, please use the below form to submit a support ticket.

You must provide the most information possible in order to be answered in a reasonable time frame.

We will get back to you within 24h.

Please do not message Jason on Facebook for any FBA-Pro order related questions.

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