GTIN Exemption


STEP 1: Order a GTIN Exemption package.

STEP 2: Receive your set of custom branded, amazon approved images.

STEP 3: Proceed to create a dummy listing under the exact product and category mentioned in the delivery email that contains your branded images.

STEP 4: When creating the dummy listing, enter the product name as "TEST", enter your brand name and leave the product ID field empty. All other fields are not necessary.

STEP 5: Select the box that is "I don't have a Product ID

STEP 6: Click the "Apply Now" link that will show up below the Product ID field.

STEP 6b: If the Apply Now link appears and immediately disappears, please click continue and it will re-appear permanently.
STEP 7: Enter all the correct information in the application page and upload the 6 images that have been provided to you.

STEP 8: Once approved, repeat the process one more time. This second approval should come with a faster response time from Amazon.

STEP 9: Now that you have been approved twice, you are free to create a dummy listing with your brand in the category of your choice. No need for any UPC codes. When creating your listing with the approved brand name, you will now have the option to select "I don't have a Product ID" and proceed with the listing.

STEP 10: Enjoy your listing without ever having to dealing with a "generic" branded listing.

$ 45.99 

**The "Assisted Setup" delivery option includes a direct application and approval through one of our dedicated support staff. If this option is selected, our support team will reach out to you by email requesting view and edit permissions to your Amazon Seller Central account. Once the necessary permissions have been granted, our support team will get to work on your application and provide you an update once you are GTIN Exempt and Brand Approved.

5 Business Day Delivery Turnaround for Self Setup Orders